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2017-2018 Season

Boeing Boeing Auditions!

When: Tuesday, Nov. 7 and Wed., Nov. 8 at 6 pm.

Where: Tuesday night: The dance studio at CPAC.  Wednesday night: in the theater at CPAC (1250 W. Continental Drive, Green Valley)

Come prepared to read from the script, there are two male and four female roles:
BERNARD – a Parisian bachelor 
GLORIA – an American air hostess 
BERTHE – Bernard’s housekeeper 
ROBERT - a friend of Bernard’s 
GABRIELLA – an Italian air hostess 
GRETCHEN – a German air hostess 

A hit comedy similar in vein to Shakespeare’s comedies of merry misadventures and mistaken identities, Boeing Boeing tells the exploits of French bachelor Bernard and his lovely female flight attendants. Three flight attendants, to be exact, from three different countries: and they all believe they’re engaged to Bernard! In the past, Bernard has been able to juggle these women due to his detailed timetable. When the situation changes and all of the women end up at his apartment on the same day, Bernard (with help from his bewildered friend Robert) struggles to keep them from learning the truth. Will the lying lothario be able to keep up this charade, or will a disaster occur? As they say: all’s well that ends well!